A Sudanese girl studying with light from LuciToday the CNBC show PowerLunch featured my solar lantern invention Luci on a segment called PowerPitch. It's very gratifying when I see Luci in the media and on television. She was truly a labor of love.

The show's format is an interview with host Mandy Drury and then a QA with a panel of venture capitalists.

Jacques-Philippe Piverger, the CEO, and one of the other co-founders of MPOWERD represented on the show. Jacques did a great job holding his own as he was grilled about distribution and market opportunities for Luci.

At the end of the show they take a vote for who's "In" and "Out" of the product. Meaning if the panel of experts - the investors and the host - would make a financial bet on Luci. And Luci did great winning with two "In" votes! So that made me feel really good.

I heard from some of the other folks at MPOWERD that the response to the show was overwhelmingly positive. We did great at CES this year and Luci was one of the top 10 new innovations. But today's CNBC coverage topped anything in terms of traffic that we saw from all of the CES media. So that's pretty amazing.

Coverage of Luci like this simply generates more oportunity to eliminate energy poverty.

It's all very exciting.

You can see the show here - http://yhoo.it/1h1048q