Last week I was fortunate enough to be asked to give a talk at the  Empiricist League.

The Empiricist League is a pretty amazing organization. It's a bi-monthly event that unites creative people in the name of science, exploration, and beer. They talk about robots, dinosaurs, particle accelerators, nanotech, game theory, cephalopods, space travel, and sometimes Victorian explorers.

It was a really cool event. They made the poster that you see here which you can download a big one of here. There was a great turn out (it was standing room only) and I got to share the stage with some really wonderful people. I talked about advertising and technology and how algorithims and biotech will play critical roles in the future of persuasion, the business of marketing and brands in general.

The other speakers were the lovely Kelly Bourdet who writes a weekly column for Vice Magazine’s Motherboard, “Future Sex,” where she explores current stories featuring the intersection of science and technology with love, relationships, and sexuality.  She talked about teledildonics and other cutting-edge tools being utilized in humanity’s ongoing quest for sensual pleasure.

And Phil Lukeman, who is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at St. John’s University in Queens, NY. He received a ‘supramolecular chemistry’  Ph.D from Cambridge University,  and enjoyed it so much that he continued  playing with molecules, first at  NYU and then Cal Poly Pomona.  He talked about the rapidly evolving field of DNA nanotechnology.

It was really a lovely evening. If you were able to make it - thank you! I will post my presentation on "Persuading The Machines" to the site and Slideshare.