This is Luci. She is a solar light that I invented.

Humanity thrives on light. Yet, so many people live in darkness. Solar technology has the potential to illuminate the world over – on and off the grid –  with affordable, clean light. 

MPOWERD is a company I co-founded to create affordable micro power technologies. Luci is their first product. Luci can function in any environment on earth to produce brilliant light with zero emissions. The same light that empowers a poor child to study at night can empower you to think differently about energy. 

I invented Luci to be an elegant, inflatable and waterproof solar lamp – ideal for those living, working and playing off-grid in both the developed and developing world. Luci was invented to replace dirty and expensive fuel-based lighting sources and provides up to 12 hours of light when fully charged, making her the perfect partner for outdoor activities, home décor and emergency preparedness. Luci functions as both a task lamp and a lantern and has three light levels for maximum versatility. 

You can learn more about MPOWERD here.

I also invented JAGTAG. This image recognition system required no software, download, or mobile web access on the handset.  In fact, it pre-dated smartphones and the iPhone by several years. My invention used images from a camera enabled feature phone and Multimedia Messaging Service to send and receive content. The system reached every mobile phone capable of text messaging in the United States and JAGTAG’s uses included marketing messages, workforce management, mobile payments, and mobile customer relationship management. JAGTAG was the first mobile technology enhancement to the print version of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It was also used for the first mobile 2D code advertisement by brands like Nike, Inc. The foundation for the JAGTAG technology and functionality came from an intellectual property portfolio I created. Those ideas and patents form the basis of today's mobile marketing ecosystem, many augmented and virtual reality technologies like Google Glass, as well as many aspects of the Internet of Things. You can learn more about my inventions here.