On April 6th I did a live webinar at the request of MindJet to discuss how to not only move ideas to market faster but also how to consolidate large amounts of information - all using MindManager and their Catalyst (cloud based) product.  If you are not familiar with it MindJet is a software product deveoped by MindManager that I have been using daily for about nine years. MindJet's visual information maps (mind maps) start with a central theme, and then add branches with ideas, notes, images, tasks, hyperlinks and attachments. I use MindManager maps to capture and organize information, and transform my thoughts and ideas into fine-tuned documents.  The webinar which was about 30 minutes long, explored how I enhanced creative and critical thinking skills among all employees, increased team alignment and individual productivity, and much more.

You can find an archive of it here on the MindJet web site if you want  give it a listen.