My latest venture DUOMENTIS has found its way into the news. Jack Marshall over at ClickZ wrote a nice article about what we have been up to at DUOMENTIS for the last 8 or so months.

I started DUOMENTIS this past July with the co-inventor and co-founder of JAGTAG Dudley Fitzpatrick. 

DUOMENTIS is an every-medium, multi-disciplinary invention agency. DUOMENTIS helps marketers, media companies, technology companies and agencies monetize the convergence of technology, marketing and business strategy. We look to add value wherever we can. Most of our clients contract us to help them identify and develop the following:

  • New Business Methods
  • Futurist Trends
  • Intellectual Property
  • Technology Strategy
  • Proprietary Media
  • Social Commerce
  • Utility Marketing
  • Sustainable Marketing Properties
  • New Product Offerings
  • Alternative Distribution

You can read the ClickZ article here

If you want to learn more you can visit the DUOMENTIS web site.