According to the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA), the total number of estimated wireless subscribers in America has officially passed the 250 million mark. Growth in subscriptions has more than quadrupled over the past ten years from just over 55 million in 1997 to more than 250 million today. This represents an increase of 352%.

mobile_phones.png“This explosive growth shows that the mobile communications revolution is in full swing,” said CTIA – The Wireless Association President and CEO, Steve Largent. “Wireless has become a way of life for more than 250 million Americans, and each year more and more consumers are experiencing the incredible benefits that only wireless can offer. Whether you work on Wall Street or at home, live in a small town or a big city, wireless reaches people exactly where they’re at and gives folks the ability to communicate and connect with friends and family while on the move,” continued Largent.

 This follows recent reports from Merrill Lynch and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that further illustrate a thriving wireless marketplace in the U.S. that is working hard to meet the needs of consumers. According to Merrill Lynch’s Global Wireless Matrix 2Q07, Americans use more minutes for less cost than any other consumers in the developed world. Earlier this year Merrill Lynch reported that Europeans still pay an average of 19¢ per minute for an average of 153 minutes a month, compared to 5¢ per minute for 834 minutes a month for customers in the U.S. The FCC reports 98% of Americans can choose from at least four service providers. The FCC also says mobile high speed subscribers increased by about 600% in 2006, to nearly 22 million, and that mobile wireless subscribers made up 60% of all new high speed lines.

“The statistics speak for themselves,” continued Largent. “The bottom line is that wireless companies are listening to their customers and in doing so are providing Americans of all walks of life with the mobile products and services that they want and need. Competition, innovation, and consumer value are driving the dynamic U.S. wireless marketplace, giving people access to amazing technology with plans almost anyone can afford and more choices than anywhere else in the world.”

CTIA is an international association for the wireless telecommunications industry which represents carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers.