A retail tracking solutions provider named Paxar has been thinking outside the box and came up with its consumer-facing item-level RFID solution, called "magicmirror." If you are a retailer, magicmirror provides the ability to engage customers and PaxarMagicMirror.jpgpositively influence their purchasing decisions. Here's how it works: when a customer or sales associate brings an RFID-tagged item of clothing in front of the magicmirror, it automatically displays rich contextual information including brand messaging, garment description, size and color availability, as well as mix-and-match guides that suggest other items for accessorizing a wardrobe. When installed in the fitting room, customers can request immediate assistance from a salesperson by simply touching the magicmirror, without ever having to leave the room.

“Teaming up with industry-leading experience design partner thebigspace, and technology partners, Motorola and Infosys, has enabled Paxar to develop a turnkey consumer-facing RFID solution for the apparel and retail markets,” said Chris Robins, vice president of trade marketing and member of the global RFID team at Paxar. “The integration of Paxar’s custom-designed RFID labels and tags with thebigspace’s rich media and content, Motorola’s RFID readers and handheld devices, and Infosys’ Smart Visual Merchandising applications for store operations and eCommerce, allows magicmirror to fully deliver the power of RFID technology and create a unique and innovative customer experience.”

“With the RFID magicmirror, retailers now have a unique opportunity to connect personally with their customers who have become more perceptive about the products and services they buy,” added Robins. “Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy – they’re accustomed to using technology in their daily lives, especially when shopping for items. To communicate with them in their digital language and engage them, the industry must find relevant, innovative technology that helps tell a brand story better. The magicmirror solution does that and is poised to become a huge driver of item-level RFID adoption as consumers are encouraged to interact with the positive features and experience the significant benefits RFID brings.”

RFID solutions like the magicmirror hold the ability to significantly enhance customer experience, service and when employed in the fitting room environment, transforming this forgotten back-space into a key decision and service area. Combined with in-store operations and eCommerce processes, magicmirror can ensure a seamless shopping experience in-store and online. Personally, I would love a community feature where I could ask people, in other stores, in real-time, what they thought of my new outfit. Maybe someday soon.