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My name is Jason Alan Snyder. I am a technologist, futurist and inventor. Currently, I am the Chief Technology Officer at Momentum Worldwide, a part of the McCann Worldgroup, which is owned by InterPublic Group. But the things you'll read about here are my own ideas.

I have spent the last twenty-plus years working in technology driven advertising, marketing and media companies. I have invented and developed innovative strategies, products and services with the worlds largest brands, connecting their audiences to the people and things they care about. I also lecture and publish about technology, invention, innovation and the future.


What will you find here?

What you will find is information about me, what I do for a living, and the things I enjoy thinking about. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to share my work and thoughts with you.

What else?

The future is coming faster and faster. The growth of technology is exponential. With the exponential growth of technology comes exponential adoption. Businesses need to understand, adapt and embrace these growth and adoption cycles. Businesses pay me to develop strategies and products that help them navigate these changes.

Nothing has changed business more than technology. If we consider the tools used in advertising and marketing - billboards, posters, newspapers, radio, television, the Web, mobile phones, RFID, beacons, etc. Business has endured a great transformation in recent history. Now synthetic or virtual worlds are being built and populated. Places where millions of people are engaging in new methods of social interaction and social media consumption which include loads of commerce, advertising and marketing messaging.

Businesses need help navigating these new environments. They need expert advice and counsel about these new spaces. I provide that help. My practice areas include: Safety, security and privacy for digital products and services, social media, on-line communities, synthetic or virtual worlds, mobile applications and services, the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), audience generated content, product development for digital utilities and a variety of futurist topics.